What’s in your Easter basket?

Easter is just around the corner and it’s the perfect way to express our creativity. From home decor to our Easter baskets and eggs. I’m sure some of us have put up or are in the process of putting up our Easter decorations and getting the materials ready for the egg hunting. We may still be boiling eggs and painting them or if you’re like me who wants it done FAST, buy those plastic eggs (which you can recycle for next year) and put candies or goodies in, the kids will love them! Whichever way, it is a fun process and a time to get your kids involved. So, while you are getting creative you are spending quality time with your family and to me, that’s a great experience. Don’t forget your camera and document this tradition so you can share the moments!

If you’re still in the process of getting your Easter stuff done and ran out of ideas, there are great ones from Martha’s website. There are also some cool stuffs you can try out for creating eggs with style, home decor, and if you don’t like to use plastic eggs but still want something you can reuse for next year, get the how-tos from this eggs-traordinary site.

As for my home, it’s a hint of Easter here and there. While we were in Singapore, Easter is not a BIG thing so this tradition is new to the kids. It can be expensive buying stuff so get creative. I used a ceramic bread basket and put some straws from the basket an “Easter Bunny” left at the front porch the other day, put some ribbons on top and got some eggs from the store. I will reuse the plastic eggs that Charlize will be using in her school’s Easter party for our egg hunting. Charlize will help me put in the goodies, that will be fun! And I’ll leave “carrot trails” to help the kids find the eggs… they will think they are looking for Easter Bunny and follow the trail that will lead them to him. It would be great if we can have a real live bunny, unfortunately, no pets are allowed in our place. So for now, I’ll have to think of something but I’m sure they will be having fun looking for the eggs and forget they were really looking for Easter Bunny…. but then again with kids these days, who am I kidding?

Later on when I have the pictures of Easter, I’ll use the ribbons on my Easter basket for my scrapbook page. Cut out some egg shapes from cardstock and use paint or glitter to decorate it or find something from my “belly” (embellishments) box. Charlize would be very excited to help in decorating the cut egg shapes. This will be a fun project for us! Hope it will be for you too.

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