Summer Road Trip Mini-Album

Here it is! Our Texas road trip… Gear up for a loaded post! 😉

On the road to Texas! I know there is no indication that this road is going to Texas (assure you it is) but I just loved how the road bends and having those trees on either side of the road. 🙂

Visiting the Alamo on the 4th of July. The journaling is hidden behind the pics using MM {note}worthy journaling pages. The history of the Alamo was from the pamphlet given at the information desk. It just adds the right background of the story of the Alamo and how important that battle was for Texas and the US.

Sea World San Antonio! We had a blast and got drench, even soaked not only from Shamu’s antics but also from the rain and the rides! Didn’t need to say a lot on this pages as the picture says it all. I just added our tickets as an embellishment.

Yet another awesome experience. We all had a great time feeding the animals who came close to the car. The backseat was a flurry of activity as the kids scramble to get to the windows on either side to feed the animals! Even Chiara got to feed this Aoudad. Of course, the adventurer that she is, she also tried the food! We only found out when she mischievously said, “FINISH NA”.

For this page, once again I used the map they gave at the entrance and penny presses as embellishments. I love penny presses, they are an inexpensive souvenir that I can easily add to my scrapbook pages! The journaling is hidden behind Chiara’s picture using MM {note}worthy.

We also visited the Natural Bridge Caverns. Beautiful architecture down under courtesy to Mother Nature!

The next day, we headed back to Houston and I just have to drop by Ikea to get some stuff. 😉 In Singapore there are 2 Ikeas and I bought some stuff before we left but just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to drop in and browse. And I really need a desk chair and I was hoping they have this decorative bowl I bought sometime ago coz ours met an accident and well, its broken to a few pieces (it’s just perfect for our keys and I place it on a pedestal table at the entrance, you see). Oh well, unfortunately, I didn’t see it. 😦

Houston we have a problem….

No, not a space related one… more close to home… there is no Exit 26 to Nasa Road 1! It is closed for road works and we had to make a u-turn about a mile +. Good thing we had our trusty friends, Garmin and Magellan! If not, then there will be a lot of map checking and arguing. LOL.

Anyway, the NASA visit was not as exciting as I expected. Maybe it’s because it just has this Science Center feel or could be due to exhaustion. We were on the road for 6 days at this time and the energy level is not that high anymore. 😛

Our last day to roam around Houston and we spent it at Kemah Boardwalk. We checked out of the hotel ‘coz we had an overnight stay invitation and got to Kemah around noon. It was a hot day! The combination of the sea breeze and sun just makes me want to find a shaded corner and sleep but the kids are having fun with the rides. Viven even rode the Boardwalk Bullet, an all wood roller coaster. Boy, am I glad they have a Starbucks there ‘coz I desperately need a frappucino after all that walking around! LOL.

The last 2 pages holds our Kemah Boardwalk tickets and other odd and ends that we got from the trip. I just used the Starbucks coffee holder and paper packet for this.

The album I used is from MM and since I was supposed to finish this while on the trip, I tried to use only the materials I packed. With this album I had to be resourceful using “scraps” as embellishments. It is tempting to use ribbons, flowers, die cuts, blings & stickers but I have to “keep this real” and stick to my supply kit. By doing so, it gave me a better idea of which products I will most likely use and which ones I can just leave behind. So next time we go for a trip, I got the right stuff with me. Hopefully this time I will finish the album during the trip. 😉


2 Responses

  1. love this mini album!!! so full of memories!

  2. Your album is so full of ideas. I love all the pockets and the way you used all the things you collected. Thanks for sharing!

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