OLW Challenge: LOVE

Word up #35 at OLW (One Little Word) is LOVE and I decided to play along. Although I did not win, this layout was one of the creations that caught their eye…

I put the journaling on a MM {note}worthy journaling page and since I’m not comfortable putting the words “out there”, I covered it with vellum (just the right material to cover it without keeping it out of sight) and the Prima flower is just the thing for the “peek-a-boo” effect.

Here’s the journaling:

I knew it was coming, you were ready – I was not. I remembered our last phone conversation. I asked you if you want me to come home, you said it’s ok. We talked and I asked a couple more times. Amid saying, “it’s ok” , you softly said ” Yes” but when I asked again to confirm, you said “it’s ok”. Looking back, I regretted not listening to that soft “yes” coz I would have been there to hold your hand when you took your last breath, Pa. My heart broke when a few days after I got news that you passed away.

When I came home, they were getting you ready to be transported to our home city. I knelt beside your coffin and asked you why you didn’t wait for me.

Although I grew up seeing you a few days a month because of your work, I knew you loved me & we had this bond. That’s why it was hard for me to let you go. It seems like there’s a lot more about you I need to know. And really it’s also coz I didn’t get to say goodbye.

You must have felt bad coz when I asked you for a sign that you’re ok (at your wake), you were there… through the little gap at the door, I saw you outside throwing back your head in laughter & there was this bright light surrounding you. Of course, the actual person was not you – the only similarity you had is the grey hair. He was sitting outside with the rest of the relatives having a conversation & laughing. But for me & Uncle Momoy (your cousin & best friend), for that few minutes we saw you & you are happy. For the rest of the days of your wake, I felt peace & I let go… I know you’re in a better place, free of pain. ‘Til we meet again…

I’ve been meaning to make this layout, initially for Father’s Day but a lot of things need to be taken cared of so this project has been pushed further down my list. Now, I think it’s the approriate time coz last Friday (Sept 19) he would have turned 66. I lost my Papa to lung cancer in Oct 19, 2006 – a month after his 64th birthday.

This picture was taken by Charlize who was 2 yrs & 3 mths at the time. It was my Papa’s last Christmas (2005) and it was a special occasion in our family coz this Christmas we were together. You see, I lived in Singapore since 2000, my sister Faith is residing in Manila with her husband Jasper & our brother Chalito, and Charity, our youngest, stayed in Dumaguete, our home city, until 2003. My father stayed in Dumaguete until his lung cancer treatment made him move to Manila in 2005. Guess we somehow knew it would be his last Christmas but we were in denial. We hope that by not thinking about how many months he has left it will postpone the inevitable. I was not there on his final days and I guess it has some good in it coz I will always remember him this way. Smilling, whistling, happy, free of pain.

For a more thorough description on the details of this layout, you can check handprints of life. Thanks for dropping by! TTFN…


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