First Event!

Last October 4, ScRaP CiRcLe participated in its very first scrapbooking event held in Greenhills, San Juan. The event, which was the last leg of the Scrappin’ Mom’s Idol 2 Contest, proved to be an exciting challenge for our little online shop, since we were side by side with other established scrapbooking shops.

Regardless, it was a fruitful, fun and tiring day for me, my sister, Charity and my hubby Jasper (who by the way helped me set-up and man the booth the whole day. Thanks honey for your support not just with my scrapbooking “addiction” but also with this new business venture my sisters and I had gotten into.) 🙂

We would like to thank the people who dropped by our booth. And for those who bought from us, I hope you love the products that you got and we are looking forward to seeing you again in the very near future.

We would also like to thank Scrappin’ Moms for organizing the event. Special mention to April and Pia, who really made us, feel welcome!

And lastly, we would like to congratulate Cookie for winning the title and all the nine finalists for making it to the top ten.

Below are some of the photos taken during the event.

Me, setting up the booth around 8am.

My very supportive hubby, manning our booth.

Me and my sister, Charity.

Us, enjoying the event! 🙂

The beautiful entries by the top ten finalists.

Cookies’ winning layout.

Thanks for dropping by!




One Response

  1. hey are there any shows/expos in Dec?!

    i love the photo of Jasper MANNING the booth hehe. the secret to a successful papercrafter is the man – doing manly things like manning the kids, manning the house, etc etc


    good job on your succesful show 😀

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