G: Glimpse of U + Grand Time… + the Great Adventure…

I finished my “G” layouts on-time, just wasn’t able to post it here yesterday ‘coz you know, LIFE happened and before I knew it, it’s midnight already. Anyway, I managed to make 3 LOs this week… yup, I’m still in a very productive mood by my standard that is. 🙂 So here we go… first up is the “Glimpse of U” page.


the page design:

I love how this turned out and to think I only used scraps from the previous LO I made a few months back which I will share with you in the next few days. Anyway, this may seem like a one-photo LO but it’s really not.  I wanted to include all the ultrasound photos of Zach but I don’t want to over crowd the page, so I did this…


As you may have noticed, I like to include a lot of photos on my pages and I’m always finding ways to do it without ending up with the same look. This accordion style is kind of cool!

the title:

I wanted to include a hidden message on my title and I wanted it to stand out, so I chose a different color, in this case, it’s RED for the “i {heart} U”. I must admit I wasn’t too sure about the color combination ‘coz I like my pages to be coordinated plus red and green is so Christmas-y. (Changing the paper was not an option ’coz I already adhered it).  But to really get the message across I had to be bold. Anyway, I like to think that the RED added visual interest on this otherwise, ordinary page.




other details:

The string was inspired by my idol, Laura Vegas. She uses string on most of her LOs and I just love the effect, so from now on, I’ll try to incorporate it on my LOs, I hope she won’t mind that I copied her idea.


The lace doily for matting and the letter “Z” for Zachary.


And I added {3} buttons to balance the red elements.

Next is the “Grand Time, with Grandpa, on the grand piano” LO. I wanted to document Zach’s love for music at such an early age. He was six months old when we found out that he will eat without any protest if he hears the “Love Song” by Sara Bareilles. (My sister would play this song on her cell phone). From then on, he soon discovered music videos on MTv and MYX, and mind you he has his own favorites. 🙂 Once he hears the intro of his favorite songs he will stop what he is doing and just watch … I can’t even do that, I have to hear the lyrics before I can identify the song ‘coz apparently I’m tone deaf. He got his love for music from his Grandpa who plays the piano and guitar and can also sing well. I’m glad I captured this candid moment and I am able to document their shared interest.


Since the title is so full of “grand”, I wanted this page to look grand and I think I have achieved that. From the luxurious paper to the glittered title and intricate looking accents/embellishments, this LO really look grand to me.

I love the flourish behind the “G”. I stamped it using my Autumn Leaves flourishes acrylic stamp before adhering the “G”.


For the chandelier, I downloaded it from the internet and printed it on a glossy photo paper and then cut out the image. I had a hard time cutting the intricate detail so I just inked it using a light brown chalk ink to fit the background but when it was all dry I discovered that the black part kind of lost its shine because of the chalk, good think I have a black slick writer so I just covered it up being careful not to color the brown parts. Its hard work I know but I love the final outcome.


For added detail, I used my Bo Bunny black lace ribbon which I absolutely love and some bling. I also matted the focal photo with again the doily which I inked a little to fit the background.


For the journaling, I hid it behind one of the smaller photos. You just have to open the photo to reveal it.

The last LO is “the Great Adventure at the Grand Canyon”. I dug deep into my photo box and got these 1996 photos of my DH. These photos were taken while he was vacationing in the US way before we got married.

Again for this LO, I wanted to include all the photos of him at the Grand Canyon ‘coz I don’t want to waste all those panoramic shots. I had a difficult time creating this 2-page LO with {5} panoramic pics and {7} 3×5 pics but I was up for a new creative challenge so here it goes.

I started out by laying down my CS as foundation and then arranging the photos to the placement it is now. If you’ll notice, I arranged the photos to mimic the boulders you see on the photo and it also reflects the horizontal lines of the Grand Canyon.


My original idea was to create a pocket to insert all those extra pics but I decided to just do this…


and more hidden photos…


I also punched some of the photos using my Fiskars threading water puncher to break all the lines.



Here are close up shots of the title…




I also embellish some of the photos using string and flowers.



For the journaling, I asked my DH to write down his story so that I can include it on the LO. I then adhered it on the inside pages.

To finish off this LO, I just added a few embellishments.




So I guess that’s it for my “G” week. Do come back again to check out my sister’s work. I’m off to plan my “H” project… I still don’t have any idea what to do, so wish me luck. I’ll also be working on my December Daily this week. I hope to finish it and share it with you.

Thanks for dropping by.



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