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First Event!

Last October 4, ScRaP CiRcLe participated in its very first scrapbooking event held in Greenhills, San Juan. The event, which was the last leg of the Scrappin’ Mom’s Idol 2 Contest, proved to be an exciting challenge for our little online shop, since we were side by side with other established scrapbooking shops.

Regardless, it was a fruitful, fun and tiring day for me, my sister, Charity and my hubby Jasper (who by the way helped me set-up and man the booth the whole day. Thanks honey for your support not just with my scrapbooking “addiction” but also with this new business venture my sisters and I had gotten into.) 🙂

We would like to thank the people who dropped by our booth. And for those who bought from us, I hope you love the products that you got and we are looking forward to seeing you again in the very near future.

We would also like to thank Scrappin’ Moms for organizing the event. Special mention to April and Pia, who really made us, feel welcome!

And lastly, we would like to congratulate Cookie for winning the title and all the nine finalists for making it to the top ten.

Below are some of the photos taken during the event.

Me, setting up the booth around 8am.

My very supportive hubby, manning our booth.

Me and my sister, Charity.

Us, enjoying the event! 🙂

The beautiful entries by the top ten finalists.

Cookies’ winning layout.

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OLW Challenge: LOVE

Word up #35 at OLW (One Little Word) is LOVE and I decided to play along. Although I did not win, this layout was one of the creations that caught their eye…

I put the journaling on a MM {note}worthy journaling page and since I’m not comfortable putting the words “out there”, I covered it with vellum (just the right material to cover it without keeping it out of sight) and the Prima flower is just the thing for the “peek-a-boo” effect.

Here’s the journaling:

I knew it was coming, you were ready – I was not. I remembered our last phone conversation. I asked you if you want me to come home, you said it’s ok. We talked and I asked a couple more times. Amid saying, “it’s ok” , you softly said ” Yes” but when I asked again to confirm, you said “it’s ok”. Looking back, I regretted not listening to that soft “yes” coz I would have been there to hold your hand when you took your last breath, Pa. My heart broke when a few days after I got news that you passed away.

When I came home, they were getting you ready to be transported to our home city. I knelt beside your coffin and asked you why you didn’t wait for me.

Although I grew up seeing you a few days a month because of your work, I knew you loved me & we had this bond. That’s why it was hard for me to let you go. It seems like there’s a lot more about you I need to know. And really it’s also coz I didn’t get to say goodbye.

You must have felt bad coz when I asked you for a sign that you’re ok (at your wake), you were there… through the little gap at the door, I saw you outside throwing back your head in laughter & there was this bright light surrounding you. Of course, the actual person was not you – the only similarity you had is the grey hair. He was sitting outside with the rest of the relatives having a conversation & laughing. But for me & Uncle Momoy (your cousin & best friend), for that few minutes we saw you & you are happy. For the rest of the days of your wake, I felt peace & I let go… I know you’re in a better place, free of pain. ‘Til we meet again…

I’ve been meaning to make this layout, initially for Father’s Day but a lot of things need to be taken cared of so this project has been pushed further down my list. Now, I think it’s the approriate time coz last Friday (Sept 19) he would have turned 66. I lost my Papa to lung cancer in Oct 19, 2006 – a month after his 64th birthday.

This picture was taken by Charlize who was 2 yrs & 3 mths at the time. It was my Papa’s last Christmas (2005) and it was a special occasion in our family coz this Christmas we were together. You see, I lived in Singapore since 2000, my sister Faith is residing in Manila with her husband Jasper & our brother Chalito, and Charity, our youngest, stayed in Dumaguete, our home city, until 2003. My father stayed in Dumaguete until his lung cancer treatment made him move to Manila in 2005. Guess we somehow knew it would be his last Christmas but we were in denial. We hope that by not thinking about how many months he has left it will postpone the inevitable. I was not there on his final days and I guess it has some good in it coz I will always remember him this way. Smilling, whistling, happy, free of pain.

For a more thorough description on the details of this layout, you can check handprints of life. Thanks for dropping by! TTFN…

G is for Grateful

G is for GRATEFUL. There are a lot of things I am grateful for but this mini-album will start with 4 of them. I’ve been wanting to make this album and when my class at WeScrap posted challenges for us to make a layout or project that showcases the techniques we learned, I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate those techniques in my Grateful album… hitting 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak.

This is the first time I used an acrylic album and boy was it a challenge! It’s fun but you really have to think things through coz you’re working on both sides of the page. Plus, I have to make sure I’m applying the techniques I learned in class! This took me a couple of weeks to finish. Maybe it took longer coz I don’t do sketch, I just dig in and play! 🙂

The cover uses October Afternoon PP. Now, I don’t feel guilty using two sided PP coz I can use both sides with acrylic albums! The shape is patterned after Basic Grey’s chipboard album (the one I used for the field trip mini-album). I’m currently loving paper with scallop edges or different shapes. It’s such a fresh take on the regular 12 x 12 cardstock. I used the native fiber ribbon and put the brown flowers and title. The PP is adhered on the other side of the page so I can still see the native fiber, it just adds depth and “interestingness”. The bling on the flowers just adds the needed sparkle.

First on my Grateful list is FAMILY and this is what the journaling says:

Different faces yet similar features; Different personalities yet familiar traits; Different lives yet the same goals – for each to be happy. We are branches of one tree. We are FAMILY – built on the foundation of LOVE, TRUST & RESPECT.

Caryl Hope Balsomo 08.08.08

The technique shown here is the use of Paint + Glossy Accents + Glitter, using paint as border and tearing. Throughout the album I used GA+glitter for the title to unify the pages as I have different elements going on each page. The letters are wood words from Plaid which I painted black then applied Glossy Accents and added the glitter.

On the next page, I adhered the negative side of the Grungeboard (swirls) and adhered the pictures on the other side. This makes getting the faces in the gaps easier. And to show the grungeboard pattern, I lightly run brown pigment ink over it.

The next on my list is my SCRAPTUARY. I used Fancy Pants PP to cover the back of the photos, painted the bottom of the picture white and used it to jot down “for this I am grateful….”

I wanted to play with fabric for this album so I used it as the background on the second page. The journaling throughout the album is written on torn vellum which is another element that unifies the pages.

The third on my Grateful list are FRIENDS. I would have put more photos but due to space constraints I have to limit to two and really all my work on the background would be wasted if I just cover it up. 😉

For this page I played with Perfect Medium(Ranger) + Glitter for the background. The image is actually on the other side of the page. I did this coz I want to keep the glitter from coming off. As you remember the other side is the fabric so under the fabric is this image. The back of the fabric also serves well to showcase my stamped image. All I need to do is adhere my pictures.

The second page shows GA + Glitter for the title (you can tell I love this technique :P) and masking. I used Heidi Swapp butterflies mask but instead of painting the whole page brown I just painted the edges, it emphasized the image more. I rounded two of the corners of the vellum with the quote and put bling flower and a bit of doodle on the other two corners. The masked butterfly is actually on the other side under the paper to protect the image.

The fourth on my grateful list is TRAVEL. And here’s the journal written on the torn vellum:

Travel is beyond going from place to place. It broadened our horizons & opened up opportunities to experience other cultures, meet people from different races & taste food from various cuisines. It makes life interesting & drew our family closer. This is what traveling has brought us and FOR THIS I AM GRATEFUL.

This page shows distressing, GA + Glitter, Faux stitching & tearing techniques. I distress the back page of the paper to have that old feel. Two of the corners of the paper has been rounded off and the other two I used Fiskars Threading Waters border punch. I used daisyd’s rub-on tape for the stitching on the edges of the map pp. Again the title uses black acrylic paint, GA + glitter.

For the next page, I used Versa Mark + MM passport clear stamps + Junkitz Destinations clear stamps for the watermark technique. I did not adhere this page but used MM Butterfly pebble clips so in future when I add more pages to this album, all I need to do is transfer this page to another acrylic page and clip the last page here. These album will “grow” as I add more stuff to my Grateful list.

Finally the back cover. It’s basically the same design as the front cover. Here, I embossed using a bronze UTEE over chipboard and used the cracked glass effect technique on the letter G. I enjoyed playing with this technique and will most likely repeat it on my next pages.

There you have it, hope you’ll get some ideas that you can use on your next creative play. Thanks for dropping by, ’til the next post ta-ta for now!

Rock Star

I was quite productive these past few weeks, mainly because we had no internet connection and therefore no blog-hopping and video calls to interrupt my scrapping time. But I’m glad to be connected to the world again. 🙂

I finished a number of LOs, mostly for my son’s first birthday. I’ll be posting it in the next few days.

Here is the first one. I love this picture of him. He was just 7 months old when this picture was taken.

For the title, I altered the chipboard letters to fit my LO. Can you tell I love glitters. 🙂

The journaling is inside the guitar case, at the back of the guitar. I’m proud to say I made this one myself.


This photo of you never fails to put a smile on my face. You look so adorable in your Rock Star get-up. And you held your guitar like a real pro! We can almost hear your hit song!

Baby, you rock our world!


Photo taken: April 12, 2008
LO made: July ’08

I also submitted this to the Coordinates Collections July Stars and Stripes contest but my name wasn’t drawn 😦 I’m not that lucky with raffles but you can’t blame me for trying.

DCWV Cardstock
DCWV Printed Cardstock
Altered ASS Chipboard letters
Diamond Glaze
Silver Gel Pen
ASS Photo Turn and brad

Thanks for looking and hope you can drop by again!


Summer Road Trip Mini-Album

Here it is! Our Texas road trip… Gear up for a loaded post! 😉

On the road to Texas! I know there is no indication that this road is going to Texas (assure you it is) but I just loved how the road bends and having those trees on either side of the road. 🙂

Visiting the Alamo on the 4th of July. The journaling is hidden behind the pics using MM {note}worthy journaling pages. The history of the Alamo was from the pamphlet given at the information desk. It just adds the right background of the story of the Alamo and how important that battle was for Texas and the US.

Sea World San Antonio! We had a blast and got drench, even soaked not only from Shamu’s antics but also from the rain and the rides! Didn’t need to say a lot on this pages as the picture says it all. I just added our tickets as an embellishment.

Yet another awesome experience. We all had a great time feeding the animals who came close to the car. The backseat was a flurry of activity as the kids scramble to get to the windows on either side to feed the animals! Even Chiara got to feed this Aoudad. Of course, the adventurer that she is, she also tried the food! We only found out when she mischievously said, “FINISH NA”.

For this page, once again I used the map they gave at the entrance and penny presses as embellishments. I love penny presses, they are an inexpensive souvenir that I can easily add to my scrapbook pages! The journaling is hidden behind Chiara’s picture using MM {note}worthy.

We also visited the Natural Bridge Caverns. Beautiful architecture down under courtesy to Mother Nature!

The next day, we headed back to Houston and I just have to drop by Ikea to get some stuff. 😉 In Singapore there are 2 Ikeas and I bought some stuff before we left but just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to drop in and browse. And I really need a desk chair and I was hoping they have this decorative bowl I bought sometime ago coz ours met an accident and well, its broken to a few pieces (it’s just perfect for our keys and I place it on a pedestal table at the entrance, you see). Oh well, unfortunately, I didn’t see it. 😦

Houston we have a problem….

No, not a space related one… more close to home… there is no Exit 26 to Nasa Road 1! It is closed for road works and we had to make a u-turn about a mile +. Good thing we had our trusty friends, Garmin and Magellan! If not, then there will be a lot of map checking and arguing. LOL.

Anyway, the NASA visit was not as exciting as I expected. Maybe it’s because it just has this Science Center feel or could be due to exhaustion. We were on the road for 6 days at this time and the energy level is not that high anymore. 😛

Our last day to roam around Houston and we spent it at Kemah Boardwalk. We checked out of the hotel ‘coz we had an overnight stay invitation and got to Kemah around noon. It was a hot day! The combination of the sea breeze and sun just makes me want to find a shaded corner and sleep but the kids are having fun with the rides. Viven even rode the Boardwalk Bullet, an all wood roller coaster. Boy, am I glad they have a Starbucks there ‘coz I desperately need a frappucino after all that walking around! LOL.

The last 2 pages holds our Kemah Boardwalk tickets and other odd and ends that we got from the trip. I just used the Starbucks coffee holder and paper packet for this.

The album I used is from MM and since I was supposed to finish this while on the trip, I tried to use only the materials I packed. With this album I had to be resourceful using “scraps” as embellishments. It is tempting to use ribbons, flowers, die cuts, blings & stickers but I have to “keep this real” and stick to my supply kit. By doing so, it gave me a better idea of which products I will most likely use and which ones I can just leave behind. So next time we go for a trip, I got the right stuff with me. Hopefully this time I will finish the album during the trip. 😉

Easter-rific Fun

Made this layout for my E week at Handprints. I oh so wanted to use the lace paper (ki memories) but my layouts lately use the printed cardstocks (that way I use less embellishments 🙂 ).  So finally got around to using them and made this before we left for Texas.

This is my second 2-page layout, I used Bazzill white cardstock to showcase the ki lace paper. The journaling page is from MM (love this product!) and the embellishments are from K&Co & MMBI (Easter). Since this is such a busy page, I decided to use ghost alphas from Heidi Swapp to somehow balance it off. The “rific” is embossed but since I only have rainbow and copper embossing powders, I decided to stamp it with Dew Drop Brilliance pigment ink (Pearlescent Orchid) then topped it with the rainbow embossing powder. Somehow the color is more intense instead of looking washed out. To draw attention to the ghost alphas I just added some embellishments!

I’m trying to cram as many pictures in a page without really cropping them so much. I’m glad that I got 7 pics into this layout. 🙂